b. 1966

Lives and works in Bucharest.
Co-founder and Project Coordinator @ ALERT studio (White Code).


To me, for an individual interested in the mechanisms of artistic production and in the way it imposes itself as a cultural marker, to be wired to an instant and “broadcasted” world at the same time, is essential. The elements taken from advertising, television, urban culture or the internet world are not, in my case, simple means of formal expression or visual models of conjecture, but rather structural elements, conceptual foundations of the world we live in.

I consider the concept to be a prime material for art. However, the endeavour
that I propose does not refer to the percepts of “traditional” conceptualism of the 60’s and 70’s. Instead of object dematerialisation and the predominance of the linguistic message, I wish to readmit the object in a significant order, to redefine it, to reinforce its purpose and its image. Thus, these objects are not discreet elements, but they belong to a network of signs and narrations that refract each other and dictate a wider set of references to the world in its entirety, and towards the “art world” in general.

Meanwhile, interested in the dynamics - sometimes hardly traceable - of systems and specific manipulation methods of any kind, but predominantly in the one emerging from the political area, I am trying to follow closely the availability, the perviousness of “target groups” exposing themselves to these methods.

Due to an auto-referential process of observation, understanding here the observation of the “proximity context” from a historical point of view (present / near past), my artistic practices can be described as ones of the “time-specific” sort.